When Sports Minister MS Gill was made to eat humble pie!

June 16, 2009
Addressing a press conference

Addressing a press conference

By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)

June 2009

AMRITSAR – Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports M.S. Gill is generally known for treating the fourth estate rather roughly, but on Sunday, he had a rather unusual experience at a media briefing here at Amritsar.

When his attention was drawn to his ’strange style’ of dealing with journalists during a media interaction, Gill was figuratively made to eat humble pie.

The media interaction started off with Gill declaring that he would ‘choose’ only five journalists out of the over 20-odd media men present.

Further, all interested media persons were asked to raise their hands if they wanted to ask questions, like students facing their headmaster.

This journalist couldn’t withhold his heartfelt concern on being treated like a pupil at a school.

He politely asked the Sports Minister after all what makes him ‘dictate’ to journalists when even at the press conference addressed by the Prime Minister or Home Minister, journalists are never subjected to such an undignified experience.

For once, Gill was stumped! Perhaps, he never anticipated such a scathing and introspective question that too publicly.

Realizing the sincere query of this journalist, he stood up from his chair and came close to ask: “My dear, have I replied to your question or not.”

“Of course, you did,” this journalist replied.

But Gill’s attention was also drawn to the way he ‘dictated’ to the rest of the journalists and refused to take part in a group photograph.

Realizing the error of his ways, Gill smiled and said: “Let’s go out and have a cup of tea!”


Salma by Morning, Seema by Evening

June 11, 2009

Editor’s thought:

The other day I heard a Kashmiri Muslim woman wailing, after she failed to get accommodation in Delhi owing to her Muslim name. The story is not an unfamiliar one. Many parents give names to children of hero, heroines in films or personal favorites in history or love for a language, a star or even a habit .. that can spell destiny or disaster … 

But here we are talking about a community that has become suspect, in a backlash for the doings of some.

We cannot somehow blame people for how their fear manifests itself, given the present media bombardment acting as the only surviving experts in all they tread or see . 

Let me give you an example of a man of Pakistani origin staying abroad who dilly-dallied over helping a fellow Pakistani recommended by an Indian. 

 But one gutsy Muslim woman of a poor family who worked as a domestic help found a “clever” way  out of this. …..


Salma by Morning, Seema by Evening

Naziya Alvi

New Delhi, in HT  

TO GO from Azad Apartment to Sancharlok-two residential buildings in East Delhi—all one needs to do is to cross busy main road. But one woman has to go a step farther: she has to wear new identities.

            She is Salma when she gets down from one building; Seema when she climbs into the other.

“When I was new in Delhi, I was thrown out from work several times because of my name. Then I decided to live with a double identity,” said Salma, who declined to give her full name. “Now I am a Hindu for Hindus and a Muslim for Muslims.”

            It is her insurance in a city that has cosmopolitan pretensions but remains deeply prejudiced.

“There is no choice, I have four children to feed,” says the maid as she waits at the bus stop (as Seema) to pick the schoolchildren of a working mother who pays her for this substitution.

The name game continues to her children as well.

Interestingly, Salma has given religion-neutral names to her four children to avoid them the jugglery that she does. They are called Prince, Beauty, Fairy and Boby.

And she is smarter than you think:

So good is she at switching skins that she can deftly recite the ‘Kalma’ on one side and ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ on the other that she picked up from audios played in houses.

            But just like the famous quote “ghar ki murgi , dal barabar”  is her   husband Mohammad Razzak, who refuses to play smart —and Salma believes that is why he is jobless and now has to  pull a  rickshaw. It is difficult to independently verify that claim…of “Cleverness”.

Still, she is not bitter.

            “It’s much better here in Delhi. In my village in West Bengal, there were separate streets for Muslims and Hindus. We were not even allowed to fill water from the same taps,” she said.

LOKI KENDE NE :—Better to be ‘clever’ than a ‘loser’.


“Can you spot a drop of water somewhere?”

June 6, 2009
"Can you spot a drop somewhere ?"

"Can you spot a drop somewhere ?"

“Chor” returns sim ….

June 4, 2009

Newly engaged, they went to get greeting cards.Both carried on the shopping together till he got a call on ‘his’ cell from ‘her’ cell.He looked at her, confused, as she ruffled through the gift items, hoping he would catch the joke!!!

When she continued unknowingly, he approached her.”Where is your cell”? She fumbled through her purse but could not locate it and then he pressed the button showing her call to him just a second back. Soon after, there was a message, that read “jab we met” again from ‘her’ cell number.

Utterly Confused, they called up the number. The man on the other side bluntly said he found their cell but he needs it, so wouldn’t return it.They pleaded with him to take 1000-2000 bucks and return it as they had they photographs in it.

He refused to budge but said he had seen that they were engaged in the photos on the cell and read their love messages. “I will give you your sim card and memory card.”.. “How”? They asked enthusiastically.

  “At about 8 PM you will get it, wait for my call’, he said. Her mobile was in her lap, which fell as soon as she stepped out from the car.

 A little before 8 O’clock they got a call….

They went to a fruit vendor’s shut down rehri and found a melon, exactly as he had said and in a cut piece, nicely wrapped in polythene were the sim and the memory cards. 

 LOKI KENDE NE …..”ki mast kahani hai !”…

………this happened with Karan and Ghazal who have been recently been engaged.

Craziest fan of Madhuri Dixit in Amritsar

May 15, 2009
Gurcharan Singh Channa Choora- wala celebrates Maduri Dixit's 42nd Birthday in Amritsar on May 15,2009. Photo By Naresh Kumar

Gurcharan Singh Channa Choora- wala celebrates Maduri Dixit's 42nd Birthday in Amritsar on May 15,2009. Photo By Naresh Kumar

Actress Madhuri Dixit may have turned 42 but her fan following has not diminished. Among her craziest fans is Gurcharan Singh Channa –a seller of Wedding Choora (auspicious Red and white Bangles for Weddings) who smoothered a Poster of the actress with  Birthday Cake in Amritsar on May 15,2009.

Loki Kende ne Election -2009

May 14, 2009
This blog is entirely devoted to rumors , small talk ,chatpta masala around you…..whether its in a gym, resturant, hotel, beauty parlor or downright before you on the streets .
Take the shelter of Loki (public) to air alllllll that you heard…I am all ears …noses , eyes , hands and feet …and more ……Author
Old Lady being carriedto a polling booth  for casting her vote
Old Lady being carriedto a polling booth for casting her vote

@ While cricketer turned politician Navjot Sidhu (BJP) harped on the connections of OP Soni (Congress)  with drug cartels and was slapped with a notice in a Rs4 cr defamation case, Actor turned politician Vinod Khanna  (BJP) whispered to the  voters of Gurdaspur about the allegations of moral turpitutude against Partap Singh Bajwa (SAD) in his sojourns in Gujarat sex scandal case. And said “Mujhe Sharam aa rahi hai ki mein aise adami (bajwa) ke khilaaf lar raha hu” . Loki Kende ne ” Apne free sex de osho ashram wale  din bhul gaya hai vinod khanna “—-Rashmi Talwar

@  A fashionable lady who husband is an active politician called up her fashionable friends to send liquor bottles for their drivers and servants . She was politely turned down by all,  who feared that their already sozzled domestic help would demand more holidays —-Rashmi Talwar

@ An old lady  in the Rajasansi assembly was seen cursing her son while he was carrying her  to cast her vote, as he had taken liquor  from a political party in  Amritsar constituency ( Parliamentary Elections -2009-)—-Pawan Kumar

@ Ajj kal Jyotshion ka kafi zoor chal raha hai TV channelon par. Har channel kam se kam 5 jyotshion ka sahara le raha hai , yeh doondne mein ki “Kon Banega Agla Pradhan Mantri (PM) ?” Koi keh raha hai Ki Dr Manmohan Singh ka yog hai or koi nahi . koi Sharad Pawar ki kundali mein ‘top job’ ki bhavishvani kar raha hai aur koi, Nitish Bharwaj, LK Advani, Maya vati ko lekar ache asar bata raha hai …..LOKI kende ne ….”Shukar hai Laloo de PM banan de bare vich har Jyotshi NA kar reha hai ……”