Shiney’s namesakes now butt of jokes, sms Jokes on shiney

July 2, 2009

shiney ahujaRajesh Ahuja,



While actor Shiney Ahuja awaits legal eagles to fly to his rescue after the alleged rape case, those that share his name are paying a hefty price. The Shineys of the world have suddenly become the butt of jokes in social circles. The fact that their name is Shiney, they say, now fetches them sniggers in bulk.

Sixteen-year-old school student Shiney Choudhary was bombarded with calls the day the news of the alleged rape case broke out. “People have been making jokes about my name since then. Every time I meet friends, they ask me, ‘Hasn’t your maid resigned yet?’ It’s kind of irritating,” says the class 11th student. DU student Shiney Kashyap, too, sounds agitated as he tells us that the same has been going on since the news came out. He says “Even though I know my friends understand me and are just pulling my leg, it does irritate me a lot at times”.

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Salma by Morning, Seema by Evening

June 11, 2009

Editor’s thought:

The other day I heard a Kashmiri Muslim woman wailing, after she failed to get accommodation in Delhi owing to her Muslim name. The story is not an unfamiliar one. Many parents give names to children of hero, heroines in films or personal favorites in history or love for a language, a star or even a habit .. that can spell destiny or disaster … 

But here we are talking about a community that has become suspect, in a backlash for the doings of some.

We cannot somehow blame people for how their fear manifests itself, given the present media bombardment acting as the only surviving experts in all they tread or see . 

Let me give you an example of a man of Pakistani origin staying abroad who dilly-dallied over helping a fellow Pakistani recommended by an Indian. 

 But one gutsy Muslim woman of a poor family who worked as a domestic help found a “clever” way  out of this. …..


Salma by Morning, Seema by Evening

Naziya Alvi

New Delhi, in HT  

TO GO from Azad Apartment to Sancharlok-two residential buildings in East Delhi—all one needs to do is to cross busy main road. But one woman has to go a step farther: she has to wear new identities.

            She is Salma when she gets down from one building; Seema when she climbs into the other.

“When I was new in Delhi, I was thrown out from work several times because of my name. Then I decided to live with a double identity,” said Salma, who declined to give her full name. “Now I am a Hindu for Hindus and a Muslim for Muslims.”

            It is her insurance in a city that has cosmopolitan pretensions but remains deeply prejudiced.

“There is no choice, I have four children to feed,” says the maid as she waits at the bus stop (as Seema) to pick the schoolchildren of a working mother who pays her for this substitution.

The name game continues to her children as well.

Interestingly, Salma has given religion-neutral names to her four children to avoid them the jugglery that she does. They are called Prince, Beauty, Fairy and Boby.

And she is smarter than you think:

So good is she at switching skins that she can deftly recite the ‘Kalma’ on one side and ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ on the other that she picked up from audios played in houses.

            But just like the famous quote “ghar ki murgi , dal barabar”  is her   husband Mohammad Razzak, who refuses to play smart —and Salma believes that is why he is jobless and now has to  pull a  rickshaw. It is difficult to independently verify that claim…of “Cleverness”.

Still, she is not bitter.

            “It’s much better here in Delhi. In my village in West Bengal, there were separate streets for Muslims and Hindus. We were not even allowed to fill water from the same taps,” she said.

LOKI KENDE NE :—Better to be ‘clever’ than a ‘loser’.


Craziest fan of Madhuri Dixit in Amritsar

May 15, 2009
Gurcharan Singh Channa Choora- wala celebrates Maduri Dixit's 42nd Birthday in Amritsar on May 15,2009. Photo By Naresh Kumar

Gurcharan Singh Channa Choora- wala celebrates Maduri Dixit's 42nd Birthday in Amritsar on May 15,2009. Photo By Naresh Kumar

Actress Madhuri Dixit may have turned 42 but her fan following has not diminished. Among her craziest fans is Gurcharan Singh Channa –a seller of Wedding Choora (auspicious Red and white Bangles for Weddings) who smoothered a Poster of the actress with  Birthday Cake in Amritsar on May 15,2009.