Shiney’s namesakes now butt of jokes, sms Jokes on shiney

shiney ahujaRajesh Ahuja,



While actor Shiney Ahuja awaits legal eagles to fly to his rescue after the alleged rape case, those that share his name are paying a hefty price. The Shineys of the world have suddenly become the butt of jokes in social circles. The fact that their name is Shiney, they say, now fetches them sniggers in bulk.

Sixteen-year-old school student Shiney Choudhary was bombarded with calls the day the news of the alleged rape case broke out. “People have been making jokes about my name since then. Every time I meet friends, they ask me, ‘Hasn’t your maid resigned yet?’ It’s kind of irritating,” says the class 11th student. DU student Shiney Kashyap, too, sounds agitated as he tells us that the same has been going on since the news came out. He says “Even though I know my friends understand me and are just pulling my leg, it does irritate me a lot at times”.

Twenty nine-year-old Shiney Kumar has his wife’s colleagues teasing him. “You can’t imagine what all I get to hear these days,” he says before breaking into a chuckle. “While my wife’s boss takes potshots at me by calling her ‘the better half of an accused’, she herself has started enjoying these funny comments. The other day she jokingly said, ‘I think I should fire the maid before it’s too late’. Beat that!” As much as we would want to, we can’t.

Not all are as bothered though. For Shiney Matthew — a woman — “there are many other cases which need media attention”. Sure there are, but doesn’t it irk her? “I’m not bothered,” she asserts. Well, if you insist. 

Shiney Jokes on sms:——- 

  • My maid has refused to wash utensils spotlessly clean….she is afraid of anything SHINEY!!!!! 
  • Perhaps RECESSION has made SHINEY make out with  a maid !!!

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  1. Arjun Talwar says:

    Thanks for a brilliant story mom.. It has been written really

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