“Chor” returns sim ….

Newly engaged, they went to get greeting cards.Both carried on the shopping together till he got a call on ‘his’ cell from ‘her’ cell.He looked at her, confused, as she ruffled through the gift items, hoping he would catch the joke!!!

When she continued unknowingly, he approached her.”Where is your cell”? She fumbled through her purse but could not locate it and then he pressed the button showing her call to him just a second back. Soon after, there was a message, that read “jab we met” again from ‘her’ cell number.

Utterly Confused, they called up the number. The man on the other side bluntly said he found their cell but he needs it, so wouldn’t return it.They pleaded with him to take 1000-2000 bucks and return it as they had they photographs in it.

He refused to budge but said he had seen that they were engaged in the photos on the cell and read their love messages. “I will give you your sim card and memory card.”.. “How”? They asked enthusiastically.

  “At about 8 PM you will get it, wait for my call’, he said. Her mobile was in her lap, which fell as soon as she stepped out from the car.

 A little before 8 O’clock they got a call….

They went to a fruit vendor’s shut down rehri and found a melon, exactly as he had said and in a cut piece, nicely wrapped in polythene were the sim and the memory cards. 

 LOKI KENDE NE …..”ki mast kahani hai !”…

………this happened with Karan and Ghazal who have been recently been engaged.


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