Loki Kende ne Election -2009

This blog is entirely devoted to rumors , small talk ,chatpta masala around you…..whether its in a gym, resturant, hotel, beauty parlor or downright before you on the streets .
Take the shelter of Loki (public) to air alllllll that you heard…I am all ears …noses , eyes , hands and feet …and more ……Author
Old Lady being carriedto a polling booth  for casting her vote
Old Lady being carriedto a polling booth for casting her vote

@ While cricketer turned politician Navjot Sidhu (BJP) harped on the connections of OP Soni (Congress)  with drug cartels and was slapped with a notice in a Rs4 cr defamation case, Actor turned politician Vinod Khanna  (BJP) whispered to the  voters of Gurdaspur about the allegations of moral turpitutude against Partap Singh Bajwa (SAD) in his sojourns in Gujarat sex scandal case. And said “Mujhe Sharam aa rahi hai ki mein aise adami (bajwa) ke khilaaf lar raha hu” . Loki Kende ne ” Apne free sex de osho ashram wale  din bhul gaya hai vinod khanna “—-Rashmi Talwar

@  A fashionable lady who husband is an active politician called up her fashionable friends to send liquor bottles for their drivers and servants . She was politely turned down by all,  who feared that their already sozzled domestic help would demand more holidays —-Rashmi Talwar

@ An old lady  in the Rajasansi assembly was seen cursing her son while he was carrying her  to cast her vote, as he had taken liquor  from a political party in  Amritsar constituency ( Parliamentary Elections -2009-)—-Pawan Kumar

@ Ajj kal Jyotshion ka kafi zoor chal raha hai TV channelon par. Har channel kam se kam 5 jyotshion ka sahara le raha hai , yeh doondne mein ki “Kon Banega Agla Pradhan Mantri (PM) ?” Koi keh raha hai Ki Dr Manmohan Singh ka yog hai or koi nahi . koi Sharad Pawar ki kundali mein ‘top job’ ki bhavishvani kar raha hai aur koi, Nitish Bharwaj, LK Advani, Maya vati ko lekar ache asar bata raha hai …..LOKI kende ne ….”Shukar hai Laloo de PM banan de bare vich har Jyotshi NA kar reha hai ……”


One Response to Loki Kende ne Election -2009

  1. saanjh says:

    take out ur steam , or share a real talk ……. in a ticklish style … in this new blog (under construction ) . “LOKI KENDE NE” .Commentators can suggest titles for new post and contribute tit-bits from evryday life ….Psstttt ..it can be also about ur neighbour, collegue or bosss …feeel frree to air your grievances in an interesting way ….use loki kende ne’ for ur hidden outporings….

    if u don know english feel free to use Roman style and write in hindi, urdu, punjabi

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